WE BELIEVE…. that everyone should have the opportunity to own a high quality vehicle without paying too much and without having to purchase it by jumping through hoops, navigating through "smoke and mirrors" or working with insincere salespeople. 

WE BELIEVE…. that our CUSTOMERS are KING and by always treating them as ROYALTY, we'll earn their LOYALTY!

WE BELIEVE…. that our company can maintain steady growth by passing our volume discounts to the customers we serve, which in turn helps build customer loyalty, higher sales volumes and sustained profitability.

WE BELIEVE…. in complete transparency and even though our per-car profits are lower, we'll make up the difference in repeat business and customer referrals.

WE BELIEVE…. in making things as easy as possible and we understand that our customer's time is their most valuable asset.

WE BELIEVE…. in communication and handling all transactions and issues with speed, clarity and honesty; we understand that perfection is out of our reach but we'll get close with great communication and integrity!

WE BELIEVE…. that customers speak louder than "our" words and Basic Auto's operational history, combined with our TESTIMONIALS speak volumes.

that there are 10 BASICs of BUYING that everyone should understand prior to buying a car, truck, van, minivan or SUV (click this link to discover what they are).