How do extreme temperatures affect car batteries?

With summer officially in full swing, the temperatures are hotter which might be bad news for your vehicle's battery. Lead acid batteries have been carefully crafted to be used in a wide range of temperatures for cold to hot. However, the level of your battery's performance may suffer in freezing temps. The capacity of your battery could drop up to 20 percent when the temperature falls into the freezing range. The capacity dips even further to around 50 percent of its normal functioning range if the battery is used in temperatures below -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let's move on to the effects of warmer weather. As opposed to cooler, wintery weather, summer heat increases the capacity of your vehicle's battery. A lead-acid car battery may experience an increase in capacity of approximately 12 percent in temps of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It's important to understand that the increase in capacity will result in a decrease in your battery's life span.

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