Get Prepared for Your Next Off-Roading Trip

We at Basic Auto Sales love helping new adventurers with all of their questions when gearing up for off-roading. Vehicle knowledge and emergency preparedness are great ways to stay safe and be able to get back on the road if there is a problem.

Knowledge of your vehicle, how to care for any modifications you've made, and what to pack for your trip are the best ways to prepare for the trails. The ability to communicate without a GPS or Cellphone is a great way to stay in touch with the outside world if something happens. A group of off-roaders that range in experience is always better than going it alone.

Packing tow straps, gloves, a shovel and extra supplies are a great way to stay prepared for an emergency.

Visit our location in Ashland to get your vehicle serviced and ask any questions about how to stay safe on the trails!



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