Product Maintenance Strategies for Automotive Stained Headlight Projects

Bug spray, sandpaper, or toothpaste can strategically get rid of the particles that give the housing on a headlight a yellowish appearance. However, because each product option has different usage requirements, you must implement proper procedures while handling specific items to protect the surfaces on a headlight.

  • When working with a bug spray, always apply the solution on a rag before scrubbing a stained headlight. If you gradually spray the product on a headlight, the mist may land on the paint, which is a problem because the chemicals in a spray can harm the finish on an automobile.
  • If you're going to use toothpaste to cleanse a headlight, pick a product that's made by a reputable brand. Although inexpensive toothpaste products can produce reasonable results, they lack strong abrasive components that can strategically remove heavy grime.
  • All sandpaper options should have a fine grit because sheets that have harsh abrasive properties can harm the material on a headlight. Sandpaper produces the best results during a maintenance routine that involves a plastic headlight housing.

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