Ways to Not Be a Victim of Auto Theft

We at Basic Auto Sales want you to be an informed driver when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe from thieves and knowing how to not be a victim of auto theft. There are various anti-theft devices available today designed to prevent or make it harder for thieves from stealing your car. Additionally, there are various measures you, as the owner, can take to keep your vehicle safe.
• Avoid parking in unlit areas.
• Avoid driving in high-crime districts.
• Always keep your vehicle locked.
• Remove valuables and keys from unattended vehicles.
• Install anti-theft devices.
• Do not leave the title in the glove compartment.
• If stopped by a thief, do NOT fight back.

Come on down to our Ashland showroom and allow us to not just provide you with great safety tips and supplies but also show you our huge selection of vehicles. While you’re here, pick out a vehicle, and take it out for a test drive.



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