Signs and Causes of Exhaust Leaks

When people in Ashland think of car leaks, they often think of fuel lines, oil, or antifreeze. But leaks come in all shapes and sizes, and they aren’t all fluidic loss. Your exhaust can leak too, and it can be a sign of bigger problems, or lead to them.

Here are four of the leading symptoms and causes of exhaust leakage.
  1.  Vibration: Thermal expansion, which is caused by fluctuating temperatures, can loosen line connections, gasket lineups, and the fastenings of everything.
  2.  Leaks: Small leaks that clearly aren’t water, could be the result of gaskets in your engine going bad, allowing fluids and air into the engine.
  3. Hissing noises: A mix of the previous two, when contaminants get in and things aren’t tight, hissing and popping can occur.
  4. Performance issues: All of these can culminate in reduced gas mileage and other reduced performance.
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