Protect Your Car's Engine With Engine Air Filters

Purchasing a car is one thing. Maintaining it is a whole different story. A good owner knows that a well-kept car will last longer and serve you better. We at Basic Auto Sales believe in this philosophy and continuously try to educate customers in Ashland on how to take care of their vehicles in the best fashion.

Making sure your engine stays clean and free of debris is of the utmost importance. The engine's intake sucks in oxygen from the air and also takes in gasoline to combust and power your car. Air from the outside contains smog, dust and other debris, however.

This is why vehicles are equipped with engine air filters. It filters out all of these particles so that only clean air and oxygen comes into the engine. A dirty engine filter can let particles come through. This will result in a buildup in the engine. Over time, this buildup can slowly damage the engine and reduce its efficiency.



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