When You Can Use Summer Tires and All-Season Tires

Among the factors to consider when you are thinking about using summer or all-season tires is when they are safe to use. The times that you can use these tires depend on the temperature of the weather or the season. It also depends on the region that you are living in.

With summer tires, the best time to use these tires is during the times when the temperature is higher than 44 degrees. This will ensure that you have the best traction and control in your vehicle with these tires. As the name suggests, the tires work best when it is warmer.

For all-season tires, you can use them when it is cooler. However, it can get too cold even for all-season tires. They can be used when the temperature is just above freezing. Once it gets below freezing, then you may have to get winter tires.



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