What to Do in Case of a Tire Blowout

Do you know what to do if you suddenly have a tire blowout? At Basic Auto Sales, we want you to be an informed driver who knows what to do if you suddenly have a blowout. Here are some DIY tips every driver should know regarding procedures after a tire blowout.
• Hang onto the steering wheel tightly to avoid the vehicle veering out of the lane.
• Avoid slamming hard on the brakes.
• Make sure the car slows down slowly rather than all at once, which can be dangerous.
• Drive to the side of the road if possible.
• Turn the emergency flashers on as soon as possible.
• Call for emergency help as soon as you’re at a complete stop.
• Wait inside the vehicle until help arrives.

Whether you’ve had a tire blowout or just want your vehicle serviced, stop at our Ashland dealership and allow our technicians to take care of all your automotive needs.


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