The maximum tire pressure for your tires can be found listed on the unit's sidewall along with other size and manufacturer-related details. Ashland drivers, however, should never rely on this information alone. Tire pressure must be specific to the vehicle, rather than the tire itself. At Basic Auto Sales, we want local motorists to have a clear understanding of just how important this measurement is.

Incorrect Tire Pressure Accelerates Wear

When your tires aren't properly inflated, normal wear is expedited. Under-filled tires are soft and sagging. As such, there is extra pressure and friction between them and the road. Over-filled tires bear the majority of the vehicle's weight on a very small, central strip of their surface. Not only does over-filling and under-filling tires expedite their normal wear, but it also greatly increases the risks of dangerous blowouts.

You'll Spend More On Gas

Vehicles have to work much harder when one or more of their tires is under-inflated. This means that failing to properly inflate your tires can also increase your spending at the pump. To learn more about the costs of having incorrect tire pressure or to have your tires inspected, serviced, or replaced by seasoned professionals, come see us at Basic Auto Sales today.


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