Your car's electrical system is a finely tuned technical masterpiece that gets your engine started most of the time. The system consists of your battery, starter and alternator. Most people are familiar with the first two, but the last is a bit of a mystery. Here's our Basic Auto Sales service department's brief explanation.

An Electrical Supply

An alternator generates electricity as you drive through Ashland. It gathers mechanical energy from the motion of your wheels, turning this energy into electricity.

The generated electricity fuels your car's electrical accessories and keeps your battery charged. Alternators first appeared on special WWII automobiles, becoming standard on consumer automobiles in the 1960s.

How to Test the Alternator

If your car fails to start, give it a jump and remove the cables. If it dies again, your alternator may need replacing. Dim interior/exterior lights and sounds of whining, screeching or growling from beneath the hood are other signs of a weak alternator.

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