Need to get somewhere on time but have a dirty vehicle? We at Basic Auto Sales have your back. Check out our guide for speed cleaning your vehicle so you can get back to having a fresh looking and good smelling car that you're proud of.

Tips For Speed Cleaning
  1.  Take a trash bag and remove all garbage from the vehicle, front and back. Follow up by removing all bulky and unnecessary items from the cab as well. Make as much room as possible for yourself and your new passengers.
  2.  Remove the floor mats, exit your vehicle, and shake them out over the ground. It sounds small, but this step makes a world of difference when you aren't able to pull out the vacuum.
  3.  Find a water hose and give your vehicle a quick rinse. If you have time, you can take an old towel and gently dry your vehicle. Otherwise, don't sweat it. The vehicle will likely dry on its own as you drive.
With these tips, your vehicle probably won't look like it did when you first bought it, but you can still have it looking pretty good!



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