All-Season or Summer: Best Tires for Hot Weather

All-season tires work year round, but they aren't ideal in all weather conditions. Do you know when to swap them out for summer tires and why?

Summer tires are a better choice when the weather's hot because their tread design includes sticky additives that helps the tires grip the road when it's hot, damp or wet. It also helps tires keep their shape, which means minimal rolling resistance on hot pavement. On the contrary, summer tires aren't safe in snow or ice because they don't have winter traction. All-season tires are a summer...

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Concerned About a Blowout? Here’s What You Can Do

The thought of an unexpected tire blowout puts many drivers on edge. If that’s true for you, it’s important to know the steps that you can take to minimize the chances of misfortune on the road.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, insufficiently inflated tires are one of the most common causes of blowouts. Tire pressure should be monitored regularly, and this is especially critical if outdoor temperatures have fluctuated recently. Tires should also be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles and replaced in accordance with manufacturer recommendations....


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How do extreme temperatures affect car batteries?

With summer officially in full swing, the temperatures are hotter which might be bad news for your vehicle's battery. Lead acid batteries have been carefully crafted to be used in a wide range of temperatures for cold to hot. However, the level of your battery's performance may suffer in freezing temps. The capacity of your battery could drop up to 20 percent when the temperature falls into the freezing range. The capacity dips even further to around 50 percent of its normal functioning range if the battery is used in temperatures below -22 degrees Fahrenheit...

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Get Prepared for Your Next Off-Roading Trip

We at Basic Auto Sales love helping new adventurers with all of their questions when gearing up for off-roading. Vehicle knowledge and emergency preparedness are great ways to stay safe and be able to get back on the road if there is a problem.

Knowledge of your vehicle, how to care for any modifications you've made, and what to pack for your trip are the best ways to prepare for the trails. The ability to communicate without a GPS...


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Turn Your Dashboard into a Phone with Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the easiest way to access your iPhone and all of its features while driving. As long as your iPhone is hooked up to your car, you can transform your dashboard into your iPhone screen and switch between your apps. This is mostly available on newer cars. If your dashboard is also a touch screen, you can manage Apple CarPlay with a simple touch.

Thanks to the Siri technology in Apple CarPlay, you can use your voice to scroll through contacts to make calls or send texts. You do not have to worry about using your hands while…

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What is Front-Wheel Drive vs. Rear-Wheel Drive?

Before you make your next automotive purchase, we wanted to make certain you were as informed as possible. Here are a few details on the difference between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

There are a number of advantages to purchasing a vehicle that has rear-wheel drive. Your vehicle will be able to take a good amount of abuse without having to be serviced so often. Your vehicle will also be better balanced which equates to better handling.

The advantages of purchasing a vehicle with front-wheel drive are this set-up is cheaper to design, so you will wind up paying less for…
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Powertrain Warranty or Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty: Which is Right for You?

At Basic Auto Sales, we believe the best choice you can make is an informed choice. When shopping for your next vehicle, you may find yourself wondering what the differences are between a powertrain warranty and a bumper-to-bumper warranty and which is the better choice for you. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Powertrain warranties cover parts that produce and facilitate the car's movement. Repairs or replacements these parts, including the engine and transmission, can get expensive. A bumper-to-bumper warranty most of the other parts of the car as well as the powertrain, such as the 

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Do You Understand Vehicle Warranties?

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle that has consequences down the line. Making a decision about which warranty to choose should be made with careful consideration. You need to know the difference between a bumper to bumper warranty and a powertrain warranty to accurately determine which is best for you.

A powertrain warranty only covers the parts related to putting your vehicle into motion. This includes the engine, transmission, and other related components. A bumper to bumper warranty covers everything included in the powertrain warranty, but...

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How to Test Your Car's Battery with a Voltmeter

To test the battery in your vehicle, the voltmeter can give an accurate reading about the charging power left in the cells.

To test your battery, be sure you are wearing safety glasses and a good pair of work gloves. The car lights and the engine should be off before you check the battery.

The voltmeter has a red and black cable. Red is attached first to the positive battery terminal, the black cable then goes on the negative terminal.

Once the two connections are secure, you can load test the battery. The voltmeter will show a reading of 12…
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Product Maintenance Strategies for Automotive Stained Headlight Projects

Bug spray, sandpaper, or toothpaste can strategically get rid of the particles that give the housing on a headlight a yellowish appearance. However, because each product option has different usage requirements, you must implement proper procedures while handling specific items to protect the surfaces on a headlight.

  • When working with a bug spray, always apply the solution on a rag before scrubbing a stained headlight. If you gradually spray the product on a headlight, the mist may land on the paint, which is a problem because the chemicals in a spray can harm the finish on an automobile.
  • ...
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