We believe that everyone deserves a second chance.  If you have had a few issues in the past or if you need to establish credit that's why we offer Guaranteed Credit Approval.  It's simple all you need is a monthly income of $1000 or more and proof of residence.  Let our business managers carve out a plan to get you riding today.  Down payments start at $500. Simply submit an application and get into your new car today.  Call us today at 804-752-6554 or 888-211-2158 for complete details. 

Benefits of our Guaranteed Credit Approval Program:
1. Obtain a newer, late model vehicle with service contract available
2. Opportunity to establish or re-establish your credit in as little as 24 months by making on-time payments.
3. With better credit you may be able to obtain major credit cards and increase your purchasing power.
4. Good credit may allow you to purchase a home or furnishing instead of renting them.
5.  Credit rehabilitation may allow you to obtain lower interest rates on future loans. 

Take advantage of this great program today and be enjoying your new car as soon as tomorrow.