Tips For Financing A Used Car in Ashland or Richmond, Virginia

Tips For Car Buyers Looking To Improve Their Credit

  • Review your credit report closely.  Contact the credit reporting agencies to have incorrect information removed.

  • Buy a car or house.  New loans reporting current payments are the fastest way to increase your credit score.

  • Pay down your credit card balances.  Keep balances at 40% of limit or less.

  • Don't close unused cards. Make occasional purchases to keep the lender reporting you making on-time payments.

  • Get a secured card.  The best way to improve your credit is with new loans.  New loans way heavier on your score so on-time payments will make big difference.

  • Get a store or gas card.  These cards allow you to use dollars that you are currently spending but get points for managing credit properly.

  • Manage your trade lines.  Every loan creates a trade line. To improve your credit you must have at least 5 trade lines.

  • Always pay your bills on time. Late payments take you backward so make sure you manage your budget properly each month.

  • Deal with collections, charge-offs, and liens.  It's always better to deal with a negative situation before it affects your credit. If not make payment arrangements but ask that the lender report your payments are current.

  • Plan your purchases.  Don't borrow from multiple lenders at the same time.  Opening a lot of new accounts all at once will lower your score.     

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